“Learning about your product has sent us into tailspin of paranoia since we aren’t the least bit prepared for any sort of emergency.”

About Us

  • What if you could be prepared for a disaster or emergency and you’re not?
  • What if your plan and important information could be easily created and easily accessible to you and anyone you select?

Enter – ARE YOU READY ® where anyone can plan, prepare and share.

ARE YOU READY ® is an online, user-friendly emergency planning tool: shareable planning forms and path-to-purchase what you need to be prepared.

Our Story

We created ARE YOU READY? because there isn’t anything like it available.

We needed and wanted a modern emergency planning tool that consolidates available information, isolates emergency best practices, offers efficient plan making and sharing features, and the ability to purchase necessary items to prepare for any disaster.

Birds of a feather rings true ten-fold when it comes to us. We are progressively educated, fiercely driven and loyal, boundlessly energetic, completely over-prepared, obsessively organized, family-first, authentic Phans who flew far from home on the east coast and landed in the Bay Area over two decades ago.

Our deep appreciation for the beauty and bounty of the innumerable indigenous wonders (and music) here in California and in Vermont (where we met) have inspired us: from countless crystal pink sunrises to even more golden sunsets along endless coastlines, from the dairy farms to the awe-inspiring vineyards, the Green Mountains’ and High Sierra’s free-refill powder days and lazy days on the lakes and everywhere around and in between – we are true lovers of nature.

However, as recent happenings remind us, mother nature can be cruel and clearly non-discriminating when it comes to natural disasters, many of which here on the left coast arrive unannounced, so we decided it was time to give back and get ready – ARE YOU READY?

Pamela Fishman Cianci

Pamela Fishman Cianci is a highly skilled and well-connected serial entrepreneur with a proven track record working both autonomously and with teams of all sizes in startup environments both on and offline for the past 20 years. As part of a significant double e-commerce business acquisition, Pamela was awarded multiple opportunities to create new revenue streams and systems. As such, Pamela has deep brand partnership, digital marketing, retail (on and offline) and acquisition expertise. She is also a master project and event planner with decades of experience consulting for lifestyle business, creating marketing plans and producing large-scale live events. Her tremendous organizational skills lend to her always prepared regardless of the occasion. Pamela conceived ARE YOU READY? out of personal need allowing her longtime desire to create a socially responsible business to come to fruition.

Rachel Shapiro McKim is an attorney and business consultant with over 15 years of experience in developing and bringing ideas to fruition, then nurturing them to maturity. After starting and managing a successful legal practice, she gravitated towards startups, working in all aspects of development. Rachel has a longstanding passion for social responsibility, devoting countless hours to pro-bono legal services and non-profit board service. Rachel is Community Emergency Response Team trained and also volunteers with her neighborhood disaster response group as a leader in development and implementation of a coordinated post disaster neighborhood response. Often told by friends and co-workers that she is the most disaster prepared person they know, ARE YOU READY? is a natural fit for Rachel and an exciting way for her to utilize her experience and passion to bring this concept to life.

Rachel Shapiro McKim