• In 2018 severe convective storms caused 82 tornadoes in Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida and Virginia.

    Probably not as ready as you should be…

Are You Ready?

The custom ARE YOU READY? plan includes:

1. Formal designation of your out-of-state emergency contacts

2. A custom, saveable emergency action plan including your specific disaster plans and your important documents

3. Proprietary GoLists

4. Shoppable GoBags

5. Key tips

Why You Need A Plan

“A land of natural hazards…America is riddled with fault lines and bordered by storm-tossed oceans, with two great north-south mountain ranges but none running east-west to keep Arctic air from flowing south and tropical air from going north. There are hurricanes in the Southeast and nor’easters in the Northeast; tornadoes on the lower Plains and blizzards on the upper Plains; earthquakes and volcanoes along the Pacific Coast, which also is vulnerable to tsunamis; sinkholes and lightning in Florida; avalanches in the Rockies and flash floods in the Appalachians; hail from Minnesota to Texas and ice storms from Wyoming to Maine; lake-effect snow from the Great Lakes and the Great Salt Lake; and monsoons in Arizona.” – Rick Hampson, USA TODAY

If all of that weren’t enough, add wildfires, “super storms,” volcano eruptions, explosions, and home fires.

You need a plan. Everyone needs a plan. Make your plan now!