Baby GoBag




This Baby GoBag has 4 compartments for storing important supplies for an infant or baby.  Large white lettering on the front and sides of the bag reads “BABY EMERGENCY KIT”.  This Baby GoBag has carrying handles and an adjustable shoulder strap with rubber shoulder pad.  The bag measures 18″ x 10″ x 10″ and has a main compartment volume of 1,800 cubic inches.

The emergency supplies needed for an infant change monthly which is why it’s important for parents to keep an up-to-date emergency kit that contains supplies specifically for the needs of their baby.  Formula, diaper sizes, clothing, medications, creams, bottles, and other important supplies change frequently as your baby ages though his/her first 2 years.  This Baby GoBag is designed to store supplies for a baby.  This duffel bag can easily be differentiated from your other supplies by its large “BABY EMERGENCY KIT” lettering printed on three of its sides.