Compact CarBag (1 Person)



This Compact Car Emergency Preparedness Kit is designed to provide 1 person with 3 days of essential emergency supplies. This compact kit is designed for easy storage in a vehicle and measures 9″ x 11″ x 4″. All of the items in this kit come stored in a heavy-duty “EMERGENCY” duffel bag with non-slip bottom that prevents sliding on vehicle carpet. This duffel bag contains 2 zippered compartments, 2 internal pockets, and a removable zippered insert with clear plastic side.

This compact car kit features emergency food, a full liter of emergency drinking water (20 year shelf life), a window breaker / seat-belt cutter tool, an LED flare with built-in Flashlight (Duracell batteries included), first aid kit, distress banner, hand warmers, whistle, and much more.

Compact CarBag Contains:

Compact Heavy-Duty “EMERGENCY” Duffel Bag with Non Slip Bottom and Internal Insert1
Emergency Food Bar (2400 Calorie)1
Puravai Emergency Drinking Water in 1 Liter Reusable Canteen (20 Year Shelf Life)1
First Aid Kit (37 Piece)1
Emergency LED Flare (Magnetic, Flashlight Mode, 8 Flash Modes, Waterproof, Duracell Batteries)1
Emergency Survival Blanket1
Waterproof Poncho1
“EMERGENCY HELP” Distress Banner1
N95 Particulate Resperator (Dust Mask)1
Emergency Window Hammer with Seatbelt Cutter1
Hand Warmers (Pair)2
Emergency Whistle with Carabiner (125db)1